In theory you can use any common editor and operating system. Please create an issue on GitHub if you have problems setting up bruijn.

The recommended setup is to use Vim and its bruijn plugin.

The Vim plugin adds syntax highlighting for bruijn files as well as a custom keymap for typing commonly used unicode symbols.


  1. Use Vim and vim-plug (or comparable plugin managers)
  2. Add "Plug 'marvinborner/bruijn', { 'rtp': 'editors/vim' }" to your .vimrc
  3. Run :PlugInstall

Unicode abbreviations#

You can find all abbreviations in editors/vim/syntax/bruijn.vim. Abbreviations get replaced after pressing space or C-]. Feel free to suggest improvements or create your own abbreviations.


We have a Kate XML syntax highlighting file in editors/kate/bruijn.xml, although it has not actually been tested with Kate (only as a syntax highlighting file for pandoc).


Broogle is a tool for searching standard library functions by name, type signatures, or comment. It's highly inspired by Haskell's hoogle.

You can use it after cloning bruijn's repository and installing rg (ripgrep), jq, sed, and awk.

./ -t "a -> a"
./ -f "i"
./ -c "idiot combinator"